Unpacking the Roots and Impact of Workplace Well-being: A Literature Review


  • Alfa Santoso Budiwidjojo Putra Universitas Pignatelli Triputra
  • Evi Dewi Kusumawati Universitas Pignatelli Triputra
  • Dewi Kartikasari Universitas Pignatelli Triputra




Well-being, Antecedents, Consequences, Literature Review


Workplace well-being significantly influences employee health and productivity, impacting organizational success. This paper explores the roots and consequences of workplace well-being through a comprehensive literature review. Focusing on antecedents and outcomes, it identifies psychosocial relationships, job satisfaction, and social support as crucial factors. Additionally, individual well-being is shaped by a healthy lifestyle, education, and financial stability. The paper emphasizes the intertwining influence of a safe environment, healthcare access, and social justice on community well-being. Workplace well-being extends its impact to physical health, productivity, and interpersonal relationships. A positive work environment contributes to enhanced physical well-being and productivity, emphasizing its role in fostering a supportive workplace culture. Personal well-being is linked to mental health, longevity, and happiness, forming a foundation for a fulfilling life. Social well-being transforms social participation, quality of life, and life satisfaction, highlighting its central role in individuals' connections and overall fulfillment. This review enhances understanding for researchers and informs HRD practices, guiding strategic decisions to promote workplace and individual flourishing.


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