Optimization of phosphorus fertilizer doses on growth and yield of mung bean (Vigna radiata) in northeast agro-ecology of Afghanistan





growth, mung bean, optimization, phosphorus fertilizer, yield


An Experiment was conducted at the Research Farm of Kunduz University during cropping season of 2023 to investigate optimization of phosphorus fertilizer doses on growth and yield of mung bean in northeast agro-ecology of Afghanistan, the experiment laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications, the experiment consist of 4 treatments: 0 kg p2o5/ha, 20 kg p2o5/ha, 40 kg p2o5/ha and 60 kg p2o5/ha, result shown the highest plant height (63.50 cm), Branches/plant (12.40), Leave area Index (2.10), minimum days to maturity (76.50), pod length (6.73 cm), Seeds/pod (9.27), pods/plant (18.33),  1000 seed weight (39.32 gr), grain yield (1.35 t/ha), straw yield (2.17 t/ha) and Biological yield (3.52 t/ha) were in phosphorus application of 60 kg p2o5/ha, these finding suggest the potential for optimizing phosphorus fertilizer application to enhance mung bean productivity and profitability in similar agro-ecological zones.


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